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FPP Zoetrope Plugin v1.0

The Zoetrope plugin was developed by Redshift-Blueshift to extend the functionality of the fantastic Flash Panorama Player. In short, the plugin allows you to trigger spot and box objects alpha based on the users POV. This opens up a variety of unique options for customizing your panos.

View the example for a better look at the possibilities, including the zoetrope like animation the plugin was named for.

$20.00 U.S.

To purchase email me

Use the buttons in the example to explore the feature set below. The first box set has button mode disabled and is an example of the type of animation that can be created. Use the "new spots" button to load a second set of spots which have full button functionality.

- Note when the "spots on" button is used to reveal all spots the pano will slow because there are so many visible box spots, this is not the plugin, but fpp. Use the "spots on" function carefully to avoid overloading your pano.
    Example Button Reference
  • load pano - loads second pano with its own xml, params, and spots
  • spots off - pause plugin & hide all active spots
  • spots on - pause plugin & reveals all active spots
  • spots active - resumes plugin function (or load plugin with new params)
  • new spots - loads new spots with button functionality (when visible)
    Plugin Features
  • Customize fade and full alpha range via parameters
  • Define multiple dynamic spot/box sets and change on they fly between them
  • Full use of spot functions and roll over effects by pausing plugin
  • Reveal all spots call
  • Hide all spots call
  • Coded in AS3

The plugin used in this demo has harcoded values, so if you download the demo to test the plugin and notice it unresponsive, thats why.

Full documentation is included with the plugin, describing the parameters, plugin functions and some work flow tips I discovered in putting the samples together. In addition, you can reach me directly via email or by posting to the fpp forums thread entitled "Zoetrope plugin".